Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is All "Fair Game" Between Love and War?

We have seen throughout history that men have been fighting battles over land, over gold, over materialistic things, and today we still watch a continuous battle over the same things... As time has progessively passed are we still engaging in the same activities but with what kind of a result? It seems that we keep a record of history to try and "learn" from out past so that we may avoid those hardships for the present. But, with the hardships of love, are we keeping records of where we have been, who we have been with, and even what we have learned from our past relationships? We have all heard of the "little black book" but how many of us really have one? Are many of us just keeping a mental note on those that have been in and out of our lives? When it comes to keeping records and fighting for our beliefs, what is worth fighting for? Are the same people that are fighting for the trials; warsare they now our resource to "look up to" when it comes to matters of relationships? Even with games we've played as children we have built relationships with our partners, we have laughed, we've cried, and we've even had temper tantrums! how different are we from those games, such as chess? In ches we know its a game of strategy, concentration, and possibly even being able to forsee what could be... how different are the games we have played from those we are involved with in our daily life?

In a time wehre we are "jaded" by society, ar we willing to fight for love? We have been shown by history from the love letters of great men who have actually been in battle and still never forget their great love, they continued to fight and keep in contact as much as possible with their great love. Today, with all the options and technological advances, we have so many ways to keep in contact; in seconds we can get a text message, internet resource, or even an email. Yet, many of us never hear back from those we put ourselves out on the line for... We are shown that many choose to use "love" as a strategy for personal gain, but we all make those decisions in the end... I guess what we have to ask ourselves hwen we come to that point it... Are we willing to fight for a love? With these day to day battles, we must remember...

I AM willing to keep myself open to love.

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