Thursday, October 22, 2009

Being Single... Common Patterns or Just Bad Luck?

For ages we have been told that we are to meet our life partner, husband, wife, and live happily ever after…
In the new technology age, it seems that those views have significantly changed…
We have online dating services to help, friends, match makers, and more… yet it seems that the numbers of singles out number those who are partnered… or is that just the eye of the beholder?
For many they have been happily partnered and unhappily partnered with those that they call “their loved ones.”
But if we search deeper into what the root causes of being single are, are we really adapting, learning and growing for the better?
Many believe that if we keep this negativity about us and never learn and grow we will never see what good there is out there for us and possibly may end up single for longer than can be expected…
But for those who are single, What are the reasons behind it? Having a wall up? Not being open to new experiences?
For some Ive heard and even said, “I’ve been screwed over so much why would I want to open myself up to that happening again?”

So those of us with this mental wall up, always suspicious, and doubting what we’ve been told, do we believe there is a motive behind anything nice said/done?
So keeping this sense of belief of negativity does this opt to keep us single? Is it a contributing factor? Not only with our love life, but our daily life?

We have to believe and see that there are those out there happily partnered, but is it because they have not fallen into a pattern of being “screwed over?” or is it because they essentially never gave up on love? Continuously keeping an optimistic view as they drive along this road called life?
Considering life as a road, we understand that it has many twists and turns and even unexpected curves, but along the ride there are sights to see that no one can describe and with that what is the best way to keep a positive outlook while driving on this road called life? Does it contribute to having a passenger we call a “partner” along for the ride?

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