Thursday, October 22, 2009

Being Single... Common Patterns or Just Bad Luck?

For ages we have been told that we are to meet our life partner, husband, wife, and live happily ever after…
In the new technology age, it seems that those views have significantly changed…
We have online dating services to help, friends, match makers, and more… yet it seems that the numbers of singles out number those who are partnered… or is that just the eye of the beholder?
For many they have been happily partnered and unhappily partnered with those that they call “their loved ones.”
But if we search deeper into what the root causes of being single are, are we really adapting, learning and growing for the better?
Many believe that if we keep this negativity about us and never learn and grow we will never see what good there is out there for us and possibly may end up single for longer than can be expected…
But for those who are single, What are the reasons behind it? Having a wall up? Not being open to new experiences?
For some Ive heard and even said, “I’ve been screwed over so much why would I want to open myself up to that happening again?”

So those of us with this mental wall up, always suspicious, and doubting what we’ve been told, do we believe there is a motive behind anything nice said/done?
So keeping this sense of belief of negativity does this opt to keep us single? Is it a contributing factor? Not only with our love life, but our daily life?

We have to believe and see that there are those out there happily partnered, but is it because they have not fallen into a pattern of being “screwed over?” or is it because they essentially never gave up on love? Continuously keeping an optimistic view as they drive along this road called life?
Considering life as a road, we understand that it has many twists and turns and even unexpected curves, but along the ride there are sights to see that no one can describe and with that what is the best way to keep a positive outlook while driving on this road called life? Does it contribute to having a passenger we call a “partner” along for the ride?

Thursday, September 17, 2009


As we have evolved into the state and mind we are currently are in/at… what have been the influences with it all? We have managed to come so far as a society, but how far have we come emotionally?
We have always learned that you are innocent until proven guilty in the court system, but when it comes to the laws of love, what are the rules? With that, how many actually know them and how to play?
Often when placed in a predicament, we tend to decide that someone is guilty before put on a “trial.” We suppose that’s just a normal reaction, but when do we actually take into account of our actions, and the actions of others? We are told that for every actions it has an equal and opposite reaction… With love, is that often the case?
With a “crime” we are told that a person is innocent until proven guilty by trial, and that justice is blind, but with love how often is justice blind before we’re judged?
We are shown in movies, Tv and more that if someone cheats/lies/steals they are the first to go, but is that often the case?

It seems that Justice and Love are similar… but every case has a different instances and situations… who determines the verdict of a case of love? I’m sure we all wish it were easy, and an official judge would come and rule a verdict for us… but initially we have to be the ones to determine what verdict best works for us… and in a way it seems that we have to change our mind sets with many things and allow us to play the role of Lady Justice.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is this the New Dating?

We have come a long way...

from the First launch of computers, playing orgeon trail on the huge macintosh computers to now having flat screens, plasmas, Instant messaging, texting, being able to access personals on your own tv as you sit and watch... we have hit a compelete and total cyber world frenzy...

Has the internet become bigger than it was meant to be? what has our new aspects, criteria, and focus become with dating on the internet?

For the longest time we have been told and even shown that we are to socialize in person, have those traits developed and enable them with everyday life... now it seems we are constricting ourselves to a screen...

For many it seems like a gateway.. opening someone who may be shy to endless possiblities... creating new personas over the internet... millions of miles of distance, only a mouse click away...

where does it stop? how far should we be able to go? how many of us live a double life in this cyber world? How do we differentiate real life from the live we try to live?

When it comes to sex, what are now the important factors we take in?

some of the first questions we may ask are...

What are your Stats?

Age, Sex, Location, position, and maybe even more??

Have we allowed this world to corrupt our own? or has it just enabled us to form a better you?