Thursday, September 17, 2009


As we have evolved into the state and mind we are currently are in/at… what have been the influences with it all? We have managed to come so far as a society, but how far have we come emotionally?
We have always learned that you are innocent until proven guilty in the court system, but when it comes to the laws of love, what are the rules? With that, how many actually know them and how to play?
Often when placed in a predicament, we tend to decide that someone is guilty before put on a “trial.” We suppose that’s just a normal reaction, but when do we actually take into account of our actions, and the actions of others? We are told that for every actions it has an equal and opposite reaction… With love, is that often the case?
With a “crime” we are told that a person is innocent until proven guilty by trial, and that justice is blind, but with love how often is justice blind before we’re judged?
We are shown in movies, Tv and more that if someone cheats/lies/steals they are the first to go, but is that often the case?

It seems that Justice and Love are similar… but every case has a different instances and situations… who determines the verdict of a case of love? I’m sure we all wish it were easy, and an official judge would come and rule a verdict for us… but initially we have to be the ones to determine what verdict best works for us… and in a way it seems that we have to change our mind sets with many things and allow us to play the role of Lady Justice.