Sunday, December 5, 2010

Today A New Day with A New Outlook, or Just a New Day with the Same Attitude?

It seems that today as ever sexually explicit, adverse, and open we try to be as a “society” there are still barriers to which we are not sexually accepted, sexually comfortable and sometimes just sexual…

We notice in other countries, they are open and honest about sexuality and don’t fear it, instead they embrace it… We claim to have an open mind to things here in the US, stating to embrace sexual preferences and hell just those being free about their sexuality. We are shown and told what is sexy through Tv, Radio, Movies, Magazines, and more… but who is to tell someone one what sexy is? What it looks like? What it should even feel like??

We’ve advanced in our technology and possibly with that have enabled those who are “closet cases” more so, to stay in the closet?? With “Sexting” have we enabled those to hide their sexual desires or have we opened a gateway to enable and help those figure out what they could possibly enjoy? Is this the new gateway to sex?? When it comes to sex, are we moving away from that “personal touch” to a “technical one?” From online sexual encounters or hook ups to one night stands… where are we moving as a society with sex or even sexual exploration?

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